About the Shoppersbill –  Easy Receipt & Invoice Maker

Shoppersbill Sales – POS & Inventory is an online based Sales Tracking, Inventory and point of sale system. that enables business Manage sales, Products, Inventory, and Orders,
It is a Unique online point of sale system for all users on Android, IOS & tablet. By using Smart Sales – POS & Inventory, Users of our Platform can easily Manage & maintain all kinds of products and sales records. Users can store customer and supplier’s information. and also easily see your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports with bar chart.

  1. Smart Sales – POS & Inventory has multiple language (English, Spanish, Bangla, French) facility.
    You can sell your Products from Our app or the Website. All data & Transaction are stored and can also be managed from our Website – www.Shoppersbill.com. Manage your sales smartly from anytime anywhere with Smart Sales – POS & Inventory

Best Point of sale

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an easy to use point-of-sale
Add products to the ticket with just a click by using a barcode scanner or built-in device camera.


  • Issue printed or electronic receipts
  • Apply discounts and issue refunds
  • Keep recording sales even when offline

Product Management

  • Connect a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer
  • Connect Loyverse Customer Display app
  • Easily find your items at the customizable sale screen.
  • Use item variants for goods with multiple versions, like different sizes or colors.
  • Apply discounts and taxes, and make notes to the items or to the receipts.

FullY compatible

ShoppersBill has an inbuilt QR code generator
that allows a buyer scan the same code and have
their invoice/receipt automatically sent to their
email and saved on the ShoppersBill platform

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